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PostPosted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 2:53 pm 

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How do you live your life being true to your sissy needs but continue to function as a man in the public’s eye?

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:35 pm 

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>Petey cream puff
December 13, 2017
My women’s clothing is more then my men’s clothing. I love the styles/fit and feel if them against my soft/girlish waxed skin especially the bra/panty set. My masseuse had me try on dresses/tops/leggings/boots/fitted me in bra along with giving me makeover and said I have perfect build and that I look better wearing that instead of guy clothes.
I’d love to play dress up with a woman like this, but she does have a naughty mind too reading a few of your posts.

You’ve had all your life experiences that have helped you to associate females, sex and arousal with crossdressing, being made to wear stuff. And now you have those associations, you seek them. I used to think women were all cotton candy but having grown up with the www I’m not sure I do now.

>She said she even wants to barrow my dresses...
Which she chose? well give me her leggings since we are the same size.
Hose is nice to wear...

>Now that she has pictures of me makeup she can hit send anytime and I have to do whatever she wants/asks without question as I’m her cream puff girl.
So, whose idea was blkmail lol? I’m sure a lot of people have worked you out by now. Seen remains of makeup or something revealing underneath... Maybe you just smell girly...

>She told me to accept who I am and become which I agreed with her.
Did she now? Getting into the domme thing is she? Is she still married and you her cream-puff (as you call it) or are you in a living together arrangement or similar?

>We do plan on going shopping in the new year as she’s now taken control of my spending so I can afford massages 3xweek for 2 hours/monthly waxing and to help with her house payments.
Hmm. So, is this because you live with her or she wants easy payments? And are these payments for the service she provides?

>I’m in real female lead relationship as she has her nails dug and myself wrapped around her finger as her cream puff sissy.
You’ve certainly grown up with conditioning. And is it a relationship or do you pay for it?

Maybe, as I’ve wondered with me, you are attracted to women that talk to you as a girl and remind you you’re more female than male...

Q. Did the girl that made you up on the school bus force you to or did she offer and you went, “Yes please?”. I suspect it had an element of embarrassment. Knocking your male side...

It’s really time you showed your masseuse this:

I’m sure she’d teach you... It seems to be a primary goal of most dommes... Bit of encouragement and your love of women making you feminine and you’d probably love it! 😈

PostPosted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:23 am 

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It was my idea to have her dress/smell like a girl. The payments are for the massages. We don’t live together. We’ve gone out for lunch/dinner/drinks. There’s no sex involved. It’s friend/relationship but I do it for it with massages/monthly waxings. Yes I’m attracted to women who talk/dress me like a girl and remind me that I’m a cream puff. The girl that put makeup on me on school bus picked me out with not saying anything. She sat next to me then after minutes put blush on my cheeks then perfume/lipstick on me. Dildo on link you sent me looks hot!!! I’ve never mentioned that to her as after all she is married and I respect that and don’t want to step in her toes/ruffle her feathers.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:42 pm 

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Yes, naughty wasn’t I? Playing with a 6” dildo would make your nipples tingle. She could teach you how to please it properly? And you seem to like feeling feminine, made to be ultra-girlie by a woman, with a little embarrassment at how fem you are.

Like me you explored too deep, opened mind doors and now even if you wanted to be a straight guy with a female (like what it should have been), too many influences have set a new path and you have a new part to you to miss. You may as well continue to enjoy being her - safely. A girl would be a great guide..

Seems to me, all these online mistresses seem to like going there. There are no stds with a dildo, no sex with your woman and it’s such a feminine thing to enjoy! Mention it to your masseuse and if she isn’t interested in showing petrice how it feels, leave it there... Bet she does though once thinks about it... It’s like when a girl asks a straight guy if he will wear her panties. He says no, but wants to. Ask her, then let her think on it...

She must know you by now anyway, feel free to show her the thread. It’s all my fault... :D

You dress up so nice for all the guys. You are attracted to women pushing your femininity. Be good to practice after a nice waxing, perfuming. Just blame me...tell her where I’ve teased you. She may not, or she might help you become a true sissy girl...

Tell your masseuse that she must enjoy being with her would like to know what it’s like to be the girl... Do you feel jealous? I don’t think it hurts to ask... And my fault for placing the idea...

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