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 Post subject: Wow! Forty-four Years.
PostPosted: Sat Jun 11, 2011 6:50 am 

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Dear School-mates,

I wasn't too sure which Topic Group to use but this seems to be the best.

Yesterday, June 10th, marked forty-four years of, "Wedded Bliss." Well 2 or 3 years of bliss out fo 44 isn't too bad is it?

I had off from my day-job abut had to work my evening job. Mistress and I even went to the Friday Morning Mass and stayed with the Rosary Group afterwords. Afterwords, we did share a coffee with the other, "retirees." We checked up on the health of other church members.

I wore one of my pink tops with the floral designs, my black bra, (filled with my B-cups), a black camisole, my nude panty-hose, my low-heeled Mary Janes, my Pandora style necklace and bracelet and, sadly, my black work pants. My pants, while not, "high waters," did show my pretty anklet.

With my disposable panties, my two gaffs, my pantyhose, and pretty panties, the fact that my butt-plug was in use, (it has been since May 4th) my penis was encased in one of my high heels. It's kept in place by the two gaffs.

Before we left the car, Mistress told me, "Re-do you lip gloss, Missy. Do I have to think of everything?"

"Missy, only one coffee; nothing to eat. We're going out to eat after we exchange some pleasantries."

Then, we were off. We went to a little breakfast/lunch nook. I little up-scale and nice. In the parking lot, two other women joined us, after we were out of the car.

Mistress handed me a black, hobble skirt and a pink half-slip. "Remove your pants, Missy, and put on the skirt and slip."

"Wipe off your lip-gloss, apply your lip-liner, red lipstick, and your red lip gloss."

Then, one of the women, sighed, "not too bad, without a mirror but I'll fix that. Just like a man, if you want it done right, you have to it yourself." There was agreement with Mistress and the other Businesswoman.

When we went in, Mistress asked, if our tables [tables??] were ready. They were.

I held out the chairs for not only my Mistress/Wife but the other two women, too. There were only three place-settings. I still wasn't too sure what was going to happen.

As the waitress was about to lead me to another table, [in the back of the room] Mistress said, in a rather loud tone, "You don't think, that we want to spoil our meal by having you sit at our table and pretending, that you're an equal to us?"

I was lead to a small, table for one and as far away from my Mistress and Her, "friends," table as the room would allow. The Waitress, told me, "Missy, your Wife is paying for your breakfast and She told me, to tell you that you are NOT to look around and to keep facing the wall." My place-setting had me facing a blank wall. Then she smirked, "Happy Anniversary, Missy."

How long can you nurse a bowl of oatmeal, one coffee, and one water?

After, what seemed to be, "forever," the Waitress escorted me to their table. It appeared, that they had a great meal. There was, now, a fourth chair. At the place-setting there was a notebook.


One of the Women told me, "We have prepared a note for you to sign. It's really very romantic [She was smirking]. Your Wife, your Mistress/Wife, that is, was thinking about your Wedding Day and She wanted a keepsake of your vows from that day. Open the folder and read, out-loud, the words from your vows.

"I promise to love, honor, and obey, until death do we part."

"Missy, Did you say those words, back on June 10th, 1967?"

"Yes, I did."

"Please so sign that statement with your Nickname, your Girl-name, and your legal-name. We'll witness this."

"You may now stand." As soon as I did, the chair was removed. My Mistress, told me, "You're at attention, Missy. Walk closer to the table's edge."

Then, the other Woman asked me, "Say, Missy. What's the little pointy thing that is protruding from your skirt?"

I looked at my Mistress, "Answer the questions, Missy. You're free to talk, at this time."

"That the heel, from one of my high heel shoes."

"It's there, why?"

I looked at my Mistress and I knew I better phrase this to Her liking. "It's because I like to keep my penis encased in a high heel shoe."

"How long have you been liking to do this?"

"Since grammar School, Miss. For reasons, that I still don't know, I would go into my Sister's walk-in closet and grab one or three of her high heels. I would wear two and the third, I would stick inside my underpants. Sometimes, I would wear my undershirt as panties and it kept it in place."

"Move a little closer to the table, Missy, and press the heel against the edge of the table."


"Where did you get your top/blouse? It's very pretty."

"Mistress bought it for me, two years ago, for Daddy's Day."

"Your skirt?"

"Mistress bought it for me."

"Your shoes?"

"I actually purchased them at a, 'Parade of Shoes,' Shoe store before my Mistress/Wife knew I was still cross-dressing."

"They're very pretty."

"Thank you, a girl can't have too many pairs of heels, can she? Especially, when they're black, patent-leather?"

My Mistress/Wife interjected. "You are not allowed to carry on a conversation. You are to only answer the questions." I apologized with a curtsy and a, "Yes, Mistress."

"You are a wage-earner?"

"Yes, Miss. I work two part-time jobs."

"What do you do with money?"

"My earnings are automatically deposited into Mistress' bank accounts."

"Does your Wife take care of you? Do you want for anything?"

"Yes, Miss. My Mistress/Wife does take good care of me. The only things I miss and long for, are Her hugs, Her kisses, and Her romantic love."

"Those have to be earned, Missy. Your fondness for clothes and high heels caused this, 'romantic,' love to cease. THAT may never return."

"Missy, we'll key this conversation and ask that you sign it, when it's prepared. We'll meet next Tuesday, after you return from work. Make sure you're in your proper Uniform. We want a photo of your and your Bride of 44 years. Stand together. "Hands together in the front, arms around each other's waist. Now, a shot of you two kissing each other, on the lips."

"We're finished here."

Mistress told me, you have to get ready for work. Then, She grabbed me and kissed me deeply on the lips and our tongues were together. It's been so long since She's done that, I almost fainted.

"You do your role properly, and this might happen again. I thought, that you, "loved," your shoes more than me. Perhaps, I was mistaken." I curtsied, and said offered my, "Thank you, Mistress."

When we left, we received some smiles and congratulations from other patrons.

This was a day, that I'll remember for a long time.

"Missy," Susan Pauline

I've been cross-dressing almost forever. The past few years finds me more interested in serving and being humilated by others. I'm a 100% Submissive Housemaid/husband. I, "love," my high heels and my Maids Uniforms.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 3:40 pm 
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 4:49 pm 

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Dear Ms. Willis,
For the most part, no. Although when we aere at a, "Sinatra Event," two weeks ago, last Friday, She did, "forget Herself," and got somewhat amorous with me, on the dance-floor. The song that did it, "My Way." The one, that Paul Anka for Mr. Sinatra.

Thank you for your kind wishes and thoughts,

Missy Susan

I've been cross-dressing almost forever. The past few years finds me more interested in serving and being humilated by others. I'm a 100% Submissive Housemaid/husband. I, "love," my high heels and my Maids Uniforms.

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