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 Post subject: Easter Dress
PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, 2014 11:59 am 

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What a weekend! It was both quite terrifying/humiliating (I'll explain) and also very fun and sweet.

I worked Mon-Thurs, and Friday morning my wife and I went thrift-store shopping, then to Macy's and Sears at the local mall (I was in guy mode). The goal, to find Easter dresses/outfits for both of us. I had agreed that I would attend with her the free Sunday morning Easter service at the Hollywood Bowl. There are usually 10,000+ in attendance, so it's easy to blend into the large crowd and be anonymous as 2 women without much attention. Of course it starts at 11am and the last 2 years we always have to be there at 9am when they open the doors and my wife wants to sit near the front, which means we are sitting/waiting for 2 hours and that does open various situations where people around us want to talk with us.

Friday thrift-shopping resulted in finding for me a wonderful mid-1990s white linen fitted dress with pretty yellow flowers/green leaves print. Tank sleeves, hemline right at the knee, and cute light/thin cotton 3/4-sleeve sweater for over top (all would work with my own lingerie, white flats, and white purse). And at the mall, I picked up fresh pair of nude lace-top thigh-highs (Macy's) and new dangling flower earrings (Sears).

But also at Macy's my wife got attached to (for ME) a pastel/powder-blue satin-rayon blend slip-dress that was something only a gorgeous female model could pull off in public. Extremely sexy-provocative with rolled-satin spaghetti straps and somewhat form-fitting above the waist, then very light and airy below the waist to 2" above the knee hemline. A classic "wet-look" flowing thin fabric that leaves nothing to the imagination about what's going on under the dress. As she bought it and told me it was for me, I was picturing how tough it would be to find a sexy blue bra that would work with the top, and how it laid on my wife's body in the fitting room, it would be quite revealing on me even with a stiff satin half slip between the dress and my nude thigh-highs. Ad what about my white linen flowered dress? That would be perfect for Easter at the Bowl, but I could never imagine myself in public in this silky slip-dress.

Well it turned out my wife was fine with me in the linen dress for Sunday, but wanted to see me in the silky slip-dress at home, as it's a dress we can easily share (same size 12). Friday night she had me try it on, but wanted me to wear it the same way a very sexy younger woman would, so now bra, no stockings/hose, navy blue flats and just a thong underneath. I was shaved super silky smooth all over, my hair looked very full and feathered/pretty, and with my own B-cup soft breasts and very erect nipples (all the time) the slip-dress pressed in over my tits in a way I could not have imagined, and it looked so sexy without a bra, no slip, and the very thin/stringy/lacy thong (with a tampon inside and the string intentionally placed to hang straight down outside the thong G-string) worked ok in front, but in back, with just a tiny lace "V" at the skinny stretch-lace waistband and the string wedge in super tight between my legs, the slip dress kept also getting wedged in between my butt as I stood, when I walked around the house, and especially when I sat down. With no slip to shape the dress, it just kept clinging to my waist, hips, butt and I got the lovely "feel" of how some gals do the no-bra, no-slip, no-hose, thong-only outfit.

Having the tampon inside kept me super flat and tucked in front, but so aware of the tampon and G-string right up tight against it, was such a feeling between my legs (I can see why a woman would dress like this and be so ready for sex) - - - but to feel my bouncy titties and erect nipples pressing thru the thin clingy fabric was so lovely and made me feel so incredibly feminine. I could not believe that no bra, no slip, no stockings, no cami, could still leave me feeling so womanly, girlie, sissy, sexy.

The anxious-scary moment was Sunday 7:15AM as I got out of the shower and my wife said she wanted me to wear the blue slip-dress to Easter, and she kept the ruse going until I was dressed in it (same as Friday night) at 7:35 and terrified I could not imagine walking to the Bowl in this, even if she did let me wear the white cotton sweater over it. Thankfully, she had her laugh, I put on the white linen with slip and thigh-highs and bra and sweater, but then SHE wore the slip dress, and really was able to pull it off well, with no bra, great body, small 1" sling-back black heels, and short black sweater over her shoulders.

The Bowl was fun, got too warm by 11am, only had 2 awkward conversation moments with the 3 older women sitting behind us who wanted to complement us on our dresses and hair (I think I did okay with minimal talking, letting my wife talk, and my white sunglasses on).

I have a feeling the blue slip-dress is going to be showing up again on me around the house and I can't wait.

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